"To revolutionize the way people learn, create and live with technology"

Kartoffelsoft was founded in October, 1994 with our dream of making technology accessible and fun. CEO Justin Kitch, recently graduated from Stanford University, and a few others set out to transform his honors thesis, FUNdaMENTAL, into a potential product. FUNdaMENTAL™, a programming language for children, was our first software release.

  In October, 1997 we launched our first spin-off. Homestead.com was founded to make it easy for people to establish true online communities. Homestead™ is a Java-based service that enables individuals or groups to collaboratively build and publish Web sites without software, plug-ins, programming or ftp. Now all of us work at Homestead Technologies, but we keep KartoffelSoft as the holding company because it represents our roots.


FUNdaMENTAL™ teaches kids basic programming skills while providing valuable practice in logic and critical thinking. Order FUNdaMENTAL or take a tour of this non-profit project...

Homestead is the easiest way to make a web page online. Sign up now! Visit www.homestead.com for more info on job postings, who's running the show, and tons of press!

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